HyperGoRENT Affiliate / Agent Program

Who are we?

HyperGoRENT is a Car | Motorcycle Rental company base in Shah Alam with several branches around Malaysia. We’re one of the top car rental provider in Klang Valley and several states in Malaysia. Our affiliate programs are proven to earn you the most revenue, since we focus on delivering a seamless and easy-to-use platform to earn revenue from us. Every contacts referred to us will provided with quality car | motorcycle, offering a variety of choices and competitive pricing for a high satisfaction and valuable travel experience.

What are the benefits?

Advanced support system

HyperGoRENT affiliates get access to a dedicated account manager who offers affiliate strategy tips. They also get all the necessary tools designed to attract customers and earn money, including banner ads, text links and others

Long 180 days cookie window

The platform provides a 180-day cookie window. Meaning, the referred contact stays in the system as your potential contributor to your earning.

High commissions as an affiliate

We pay a high flat 10% commission on every sales during this early phase. Commissions are paid once the reservation has been completed, typically within 30 days.

Higher earning if selected as our agent

Potential selected as our agent which is limited in each zone / City.

How it works?

1 - Sing up here and a representative will contact you within a few days. Fill in the form below

2 - Make your adjustments to the provided site and/or create your car rental components.

3 - Add your components to your website or share your site links.

4 - Watch your revenue grow!

Type of Membership

Become an Affiliate

You only need to promote the website link dedicated for you, and you will earn commission based on the successful sales.

Become Our Agent

Earn higher commission and become our partner.

You will need to close the sales. Marketing materials and supports will be provided to you to make you more successful in this business.

Join and apply today. Start earning!